Ancient Wyvern Cuff

Ancient Wyvern Cuff



At the last sign of the Wyvern,

The Ancient Wyvern wakes from its slumber.

Its wings glimmer with gold,

Its eyes twinkle bluer than a sapphire,

And its talons shred through even the toughest of metals.

And so the Ancient Wyvern marks the last sign



Ancient Wyvern Cuff

Hand cut artisan piece made from vegetable-tanned cow hide leather.

Made to look distressed with raw edges and features metal scales riveted under a black circular leather cut-out. The scales are arranged within two rows on a curved black leather band. The enclosure is a double push enclosure distressed with a brush metal appearance.



Length-------------------------------------------------------8  1/2"


Leather Thickness----------------------------------------3/32"

Diameter----------------------------------------------------2  1/2"

Weight-------------------------------------------------------2.20 oz


Made in the USA

Hand cut and made without automation or factory setting. Each item is an artistic creation and expression, that being said no two items are the same.


Shipping and Handling is included with purchase.

It is normal for leather to gradually stretch over time. 

This item is currently unavailable to customers outside the United States.

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